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2021                                                                Crawford Perspectives ranked in the top 5 TIMERS by Hulbert Financial Digest for the 2020 year in BOTH GOLD & BOND Mkts.


2016                                                Crawford Perspectives ranked #1 Stock Market Timer by Hulbert Fncl Digest for the 5-year period ending June 1997, for the 2-year period ending June 2003 & for the 2-year period ending Oct. 31, 2009!

In addition to these, TIMER DIGEST ranked Crawford Perspectives #1 Bond Timer in 1994 & #1 GOLD Timer in 2006


Arch & Catherine Austin Fitts - Goldseek






#1 Stock Market Timer from Nov. 2007 through Sept. 2009 by Hulbert Digest



#1 Stock Market Timer 2008 by CNBC



#1 GOLD Timer of the Year by Hulbert




”We’ll be right back with the one and only, Arch Crawford!”—Sue Herera, CNBC’s Business Center, November 13, 2003

“Our next guest follows the markets and the planets and the influence of one on the other. Although his methods may be considered by some to be unconventional, they have proven to be accurate and have made him a well-respected and widely followed market technician.”—Sue Herera, CNBC’s Business Center, November 13, 2003

”Believe it or not, financial advisories that use astrology to time the market have performed exceptionally well over the last three years. One top-performing service is Crawford Perspectives, which according to Timer Digest is up 32% in the last 12 months.”—Forbes Newsletter Watch,, August 26, 2003

”Some investors follow technical charts and fundamental analysis to determine the trajectory of the equities markets. Arch Crawford, editor and publisher of Crawford Perspectives, looks to the heavens for guidance. Crawford, a longtime technical guru on Wall Street relies on zodiac charts and lunar eclipses, in addition to the typical technical indicators, to time major moves in the markets. But if Crawford's record is any indication - he accurately predicted the October 1987 market crash as well as the post-Sept, 11 selloff—then investors might want to take to heart his prediction that the recent rally in the equities markets has more room to go.

”It may sound kooky to the skeptical investor, but it's stellar formations such as these that have helped Crawford make some prescient calls on major market events. A huge planetary alignment in May 2000 of Saturn opposite Pluto warned Crawford that there would be a decline in economic activity, resulting in an extended bear market. In 1987, Crawford said a rare planetary cluster of the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars predicted that the markets were set to crash. As for natural occurrences, Crawford accurately predicted the onset of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in his December [2002] newsletter.”—Shaheen Pasha, Dow Jones Newswire, May 6, 2003

”In tough times like these, Arch Crawford, editor of Crawford Perspectives, offers a highly unusual approach to predicting market movement. His strategy is a mix of following the movements of the planets and technical analysis. Believe it or not, the strategy has recently paid off. In 2002, Crawford made a 46.7% return on his timing calls, according to Hulbert Financial Digest.”
Forbes Magazine, March 7, 2003

”His newsletter, which is in its 26th year, has called such red-letter days in the stock market as the crash of October, 1987…He also predicted on Sept. 4, 2001, that the market would crash by October of 2001, and that the United States would soon be at war. And, as of the halfway point of 2002, Mr. Crawford was the front-runner in the race for market timer of the year, according to Timer Digest…”—Canada’s Globe & Mail, January 2, 2003

”'Obviously, his record speaks for itself,' said Ralph Acampora, a technical analyst at Prudential Securities and president of the Market Technicians Association...’ And, bottom line, it’s performance that counts.’”—The Star-Ledger, October 20, 2002

”Crawford is credited with making a number of prescient calls. The October 1987 crash is perhaps his most famous…Crawford also predicted the current bear market…Then there was the strong buy signal he sent out on gold in April 2001….”—The Star-Ledger, October 20, 2002

”We congratulate Arch Crawford of Crawford Perspectives, the Mid-Year leader, whose timing model has captured top honors.”—Timer Digest, July 2002

”Note that Crawford…is tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest. His record is admirable. He has been publishing his timing service since 1977. He called the market bottom in the summer of 1982 and the October 1987 crash. Last year he called for ‘war’ and sharp market corrections after Sept.11. Crawford’s current outlook on equities is extremely bearish: He’s been short the S&P 500 since the first week of 2002; since April he’s been 200% short (fully margined short-selling) the Dow and S&P. Such ultra-bearish positions made him the top market timer for the first half of 2002 as ranked by Jim Schmidt’s Timer Digest.”—Forbes Newsletter Watch,, July 19, 2002

”Arch Crawford [is] a bright, wry character whose record has been remarkably good at times. For instance, during the five years ended in 1997, [Crawford] Perspectives was the only newsletter to beat the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index.”—Jewish World Review, June 19, 2002

Arch is currently ranked #6 out of 512 programs rated Year-to-date +35.48% through June 10 (2002) by and #3 of 512 on a 3-month basis.

"Investors will become emotionally worn by one crisis after another." BARRON's April 15, 2002

”Never mind the theory, feel the results. The [Hulbert’s Financial Digest] Has tracked Crawford since 1989... Crawford’s timing did reduce risk substantially. However, there have been five-year periods along the way when Crawford’s timing was at or near the top…”—Forbes Newsletter Watch,, January 25, 2002



”It’s always worth reading what Arch has to say because experience has shown that he can be more right than the rest
; which is why he is always among, and often leads, the Top Ten ranks of market-timers even for five and 10-year periods.”—The Age, September 24, 2001

”Today, Crawford creates a unique blending of astronomic cycles and technical research in Crawford Perspectives.”Timer Digest, June, '01

”Over the past five years, the timing advice of only one market-timing newsetter [Crawford Perspectives] among several dozen tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest has outpaced the simple strategy of buying and holding…the S&P 500.”—Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, July 1997

”You don’t have to believe in astrology to be impressed by Arch Crawford’s long-term record of successfully calling the market.”—Mark Hulbert in Forbes, September 11, 1995

”Unlike many other top-performing market letters, he is bullish—a position he's maintained since last December.”—Forbes, September 11, 1995

”In the unruly world of alternative finance, Mr. Crawford is as button-down as they come.”—The New York Times, March, 1995

”His 32 years of painstaking astronomical research has proven to him beyond any doubt that planetary movements exert an important influence on people…and that the changes…are reflected in stock and commodities markets.”
Timer Digest, February 20, 1995

#1 Bond Timer; #1 TimerTimer Digest, February 20, 1995

”I’d sell all stocks now….The current status of the market is almost equivalent to the San Francisco earthquake.”—USA Today, January 17, 1994 (1994 High was on February 2.)


"When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, trust Arch Crawford to tell you what it al means for your portfolio. Timer Digest has named the ‘astro-economic’ prognosticator…the 1992 Long Term Timer of the Year, based on a two-year track record of calling market highs and lows….the stargazer sees... —a solar eclipse on the 21st will square Saturn.”—Institutional Investor, March 14, 1993 (Market tops on the minute of the eclipse and dropped 50 points intraday.)

#1 Bond Timer; #1 Long Term Stock TimerTimer Digest, October 5, 1992

”Expect some major catastrophe on…August 2-7, as something explodes in a big way…awesome, awful.”—Barrons, July 17, 1990 (Sadam Hussein attacked Kuwait on August 2, 1990.)

”The Street’s best known Astrologer…”Barrons, May 5, 1988

”And most intriguing of all is Arch Crawford who measures the market by the position of the planets and proved to be [a] most successful savant.”—Larry Wachtel in The Wall Street Journal, March 23, 1988

”In early August he said, ‘Our long term sell signal is set in stone. Be out of all stocks by August 24, from which point we expect a horrendous crash.’”
—Dick Davis in Miami Herald, October 21, 1987 (Following October crash of 1987.)

”[Crawford] has issued ten buy and sell signals on the market, nine of them were right on target…He’s been downright spectacular on the buy side, with all five of his signals coming within a week or 15 Dow points of the actual market bottom.”—Dan Dorfman in The Chicago Tribune, January 15, 1981


”...Arch Crawford predicted almost to the Dow point and day the 1977 decline, its end, and reversal..." --The Granville Market Letter, November 21, 1978

”Mr. Crawford’s ability to call the market a year in advance is most impressive.”—Don Rowe in Wall Street Digest, May 15, 1978

"Crawford has called for a market bottom in early March and to date he's on target...he is projecting a dynamic, 200-point surge in the Dow terminating in late September above 950.  That upmove will be followed by three months of correction..."--Yale Hirsch in Smart Money, April, 1978  (April low was 747, year high was Sept. 14 at 917, Dec. low was 781!)

1977 Arch Crawford commences publication of Crawford Perspectives, a monthly newsletter dedicated to quintessential market timing by planetary cycles and technical analysis. - Issue #1 May 24, 1977

Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & Technical Analysis

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