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JULY 3, 2017 = July CP issue LINK sent.


May 28, 2017 Magnetic STORM @7 of 9!!!


MAY 25, 2017 Bigest SUPERMOON of '17


MAY 17, 2017 = Begins a period where "...there are greater numbers of planetary aspects considered 'difficult' or 'negative'..."



APRIL 11, 2017 You May Not Remember the Last Time We Attacked SYRIA?!


LATEST Arch interviewed by Kerry Lutz

Financial Survival Network


FEBRUARY 23 2017 GOLD Hourly Chart





Arch Interviewed by Chris Waltzek at GOLDSEEK Internet Radio


January 9, 2017 Some charts mentioned in new CP


December 27, 2016 Santa Claus Rally?



Financial Survival Network





Moon Phases, Mood and Stock Market Returns -  -    article from Journal of Emerging Market Finance


December 22, 2016 Hourly chart breaking down


December 21, 2016 Winter Solstice this A.M.


December 7, 2016 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor attack brought US into WWII. Little known info!


November 14, 2016 MAX-size Full Moon is NOW!


November 5, 2016 Excerpts from Nov CP letter about the election period!


October 25, 2016 Very Large Magnetic Storm affects Earth's Magnetic Field


October 14, 2016 LINKS for Tucson Astrology Guild Presentation




Bank of Japan Traders Used Astrology


October 7, 2016 Our prediction "Moon squares Mercury, Sun squares Pluto = Hard Down!"                 CHART

Result= Flash Crash in UK Pound


October 5, 2016 IMF Forecasts Tepid Growth for 2017 - click for WSJ article


October 5, 2016     Arch's Latest Interview with Ike Iosis - Click on 'speaker' icon under picture >


September 30, 2016 = New Moon after a Solar Eclipse can have a stronger effect on Earth, including high tides, earthquakes, and in this case, Powerful Revolutionary Forces in action around the world.


September 29, 2016 Arch Crawford and Marcus Rose are in USA TODAY with Stock Market predictions article by Mark Hulbert


September 15, 2016 LUNAR ECLIPSE tomorrow likely to effect Markets, Earthquakes, Politics +/-3 trading Days. Eclipse at 3:05 pm EDT!


September 12, 2016 Arch interviewed on Larry Pesavento's internet radio show!

Advance to 2nd Half Hour for Arch's portion!


September 11, 2016 CP PREDICTED 9/11 2001!

Crawford Perspectives predicted the U.S. would be at War around the weekend of 7-8 September 2001!


NEXT CP letter became available August 29, 2016 Subscription not current? Sign up in Services heading above or call our office regular hours 520-577-1158

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July 30, 2016  Arch Crawford interview on Mark Leibovit internet radio show.


July 14, 2016 - Arch was interviewed on internet radio at


June 24, 2016 Our June CP suggested that the BREXIT might be likely. Markets Down!


June 20, 2016 = FULL MOON    Could

correlate with a rise in market volatility!


June 12, 2016 ORLANDO ATTACK - Uranian Astrology Analysis with meanings!


June 3, 2016 Our projection for June 3 "Employment numbers suprisingly bad." was published in both the May and June issues!


Solar Wind disturbs EARTH's Magnetic Field to a 7 of possible 9 on May 8!


April 11, 2016 XAU finally confirms GOLD Breakout!


March 29, 2016 GOLD                       makes upside break from small hourly Head-and-Shoulder low this Tuesday morning. Must overcome resistance from upper channel line 1248 for it to prosper.


March 12 Taxes withheld from U.S. worker's pay has collapsed this year! see chart


Same time GOLD breaking up from Hourly chart pattern looking very strong! See Chart


February 24, 2016  SOLID GOLD BREAKOUT-chart!!

GOLD broke above it's downtrend channel line for the first time on February 3 and moved sharply higher immediately. It has very recently formed a FLAG pattern which is usually a Continuation signification. A pattern "count" would take the GOLD Price target to $1440! Apparently, the vote for Britain to potentially leave the EU is coming up and polls say it is a close call. That is roiling world markets yesterday and today and is one of several uncertainties presuring GOLD higher.


January 28, 2016: Thirty years ago today, the Challenger space shuttle exploded with seven aboard. We wrote in our CP newsletter of Dec. 31 1985: "Mars - Pluto- North Node conjunction on Christmas day foreshadowed the terrorism of the holiday period as well as the sharp market decline into that configuration... There will be additional exacerbation at the Full Moon (Jan. 28) as it squares Pluto (ruler of Debt and Terrorism).  READ MORE


"REMEMBER 1987"     The similarity with the day of Option Expiry on October 16, 1987 and today, Friday, January 15 is quite remarkable and reminds us of the extreme danger, as the stock market Crashed on Monday, October 19th. Here we are going into a three-day weekend with the markets as jittery as a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! The Crawford Perspectives newsletter remains doubled up Short 200% (using full margin).


ON DECEMBER 10th, Mars opposed the planet Uranus, beginning the 40% of that synodic cycle which has contained EVERY stock market crash of the past 100 years! As it is a short cycle of about two years, it is clear that a crashing market does not occur in any but a small portion of such cycles. However, with the current Bull Market move becoming very extended, and with various economic and technical information weakening the "Big Picture," our opinion is firm that the year ahead presents more than casual dangers to lives and fortunes!


Dallas FED suspends Mark-to-Market                            by Zero Hedge 1/17/2016

13th Zodiac Sign comes around again Chart shows Ophiucus NOT on ecliptic

ONLY his toe qualifies!


Inflation Expectations - Brean Capital

Do You Believe America's Problems are Fixed?

Wealth Reporter

WHAT is the BRADLEY Model?

Larry Williams on the BRADLEY Model


- Excellent trading article!

I am 100% confident the Central Banks are buying SP Futures   at Zero Hedge!

ASTROLOGY and the System - Astrol.News Serv.

 Mars-Uranus Crash Cycle by Arch Crawford

Visit FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY (Talk) at Wikipedia        Please  SCROLL Down to section on Arch


NEW YORK TIMES - Financial Section - page one

Full Page of Arch Crawford pic & interview


Quantum Understanding of Astrology:
Read this essay

by Deepak Chopra.

Guru's Eerie Forecast from Stars, I Ching

Where Arch predicted U.S. at WAR Sept 7-8, 2001


Ronald Reagan - Astrology

PLUTO, A Planet Wronged! My Own Opinion

Our PLUTO info in article posted by Astrtology News Service


Mark Hulbert article on Arch in Forbes magazine


Regis Philbin

note to Arch Crawford

Nobel Winner in Chemistry, Kary Mullis              Favorable to astrology in his book:


                            Read the Chapter

Buy the book

We recommend this noted historian's book on Astrology in history, THE FATED SKY

By Benson Bobrick

Read the Flyleaf here

Buy the BOOK


Astro-article on ROBIN WILLIAMS by Jeff Harman

Ingo Swann

article on Arch in FATE magazine

Ingo Swann personal note to Arch

Most Comprehensive book on Financial Astrology!


Published by Amer Federation of Astrologers $50






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Crawford Perspectives named Stock Market Timer of the Year





 Prediction of the tragedy of September 11, 2001:

Crawford predicted US at WAR Sept. 7-8, 2001 (page 4) and Stock Market to Crash by October, 2001 (page 1) in September 4, 2001 Crawford Perspectives!
Sept 17-21 '01 was worst %down week since Fall of France in May, 1940!     The FBI called us from Phoenix office about this prediction!


AUG 2016

SEP 2016


NOV 2015

DEC 2015


Prediction of 2008 Crash:

August CP Letter 2008

September CP Letter 2008

October CP Letter - Predicted the exact date of the latest Crash, Oct 10


Read/Download many other archived CP newsletters HERE  

From NOAA Geo-synchronous Satellite  

View current status of protons, electrons, x-rays and Earth's magnetic field


View Solar X-rays>
View Geomagnetic Field>




REAL reason for Golbal Warming or Climate Change


Sun Hottest in 8000 Years


 GOLD Manipulation?

Wall Street Astrologer Murdered on X-FILES


Formula that Killed Wall Street -

Great article from WIRED Magazine about making mortgage packs AAA

that eventually lead to the Crash in 2008!


OTC Stock Journal page one has Arch C prediction of mkt 1987 top to the day!


KIPLINGER's Personal Finance article on Arch  as #1 Stock Market Timer for 5 years


Crawford Perspetives stayed negative on OIL all the way down from 90 to 26



Homicides 1900-2010 per 100000 US


  Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & Technical Analysis

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